• My Mission

    My passion is helping athletes build physical, mental, and emotional strength to reach their peak performance in their sport and in their life.

    As a coach, I work with athletes to develop mental and emotional skills to improve mood, reduce stress, confront performance anxiety and imposter syndrome, set goals, and improve motivation, all with the ultimate goal of helping athletes live their lives with balance so they can continue to engage in their sport, avoid burnout, and perform consistently well in their sport or even achieve a competitive advantage. By working with me, athletes will learn skills to handle the stress of training, cope with pressure and anxiety in competition, confront high expectations or standards, and maintain consistency in performance and motivation so they can maximize their potential. Many of the skills I teach can be applied both within a sport but also in other areas of life, helping individuals achieve wellness and resilience broadly.


    As a consultant, I teach coaches and other sports professionals about common mental and emotional barriers athletes face, about the impact of emotional stress on performance, and about tools for identifying mental or emotional struggles in their athletes and how to help them. By learning more about mental and emotional health, coaches and other professionals working directly with athletes can improve their working relationship with athletes, increase compassion, learn how to recognize athletes who are struggling, and how to help athletes seek help and support.

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    Mental and Emotional Skills Coaching

    Personalized Fitness and Running Coaching

    Workshops and Seminars for Coaches and Health Organizations

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    I'm available for individual and group coaching, as well as, workshops, seminars, or consultations