• **At this time I am only taking new clients for mental and emotional skills coaching on a very limited basis**

    Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to be put on a waitlist for future services. I still have availability for new clients for individualized running coaching at this time.

  • About My Services

    I help athletes on many levels, but my primary focus is to help athletes improve mental and emotional skills such as focus, confidence, resilience, emotion regulation, motivation, mindfulness, and distress tolerance. These skills can help with many aspects of an athlete's every day lives such as coping with high demands of training, performing well under pressure, gaining a competitive edge, and confronting challenges such as stress, injury, or other adversity.


    In addition to mental and emotional skills training, I can provide individualized fitness and nutrition coaching. As a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, I can develop strength and nutrition plans with athletes to aid their overall training. I believe that the strongest athletes are those who train both their body and their mind. I am also a certified endurance coach and have expertise in coaching runners in endurance events, particularly the half-marathon and marathon.

    Who can benefit from my services?

    All athletes need mental and emotional skills to reach their peak potential. Unlike the physical and technical aspects of a sport however, many athletes are never taught or trained in this area. Mental and emotional skills training will help athletes at every level rather it's through helping you learn to maintain focus and motivation, learning to balance your sport with other aspects of your life to stay healthy and happy, or taking yourself to the next level in competition by giving yourself a mental edge. Below are a number of things we may address in mental and emotional skills training

    • Improved ability to maintain focus, avoid distractions, and visualize success

    • Challenging and confronting high standards/expectations

    • Improve mood and reduce anxiety

    • Stress management

    • Emotion regulation and distress tolerance

    • Mindfulness

    • Reducing self-criticism and self-doubt

    • Increasing confidence and positive self-talk

    • Gaining a competitive edge in competition with improved mental game

    • Dealing with injury or loss

    • Athletic identity

    • Avoiding burnout

    Please note, that while mental and emotional skills training can help improve mood and reduce anxiety, it is not a treatment for mental health disorders. In many cases skills coaching may help support someone who is experiencing mental health difficulties, but only when in the combination of therapy or treatment with a licensed professional.


  • What does working with me look like?

    When we first meet, I'll do an initial assessment or consultation to learn more about current mental and emotional assets, as well as, needs and goals of the athlete or group. Following our collaborative consultation we'll discuss what you may gain from my services and what might be the best approach. This may involve one or two skills coaching sessions or an individualized mental and emotional training program. We'll work together to decide the best fit for you.

    We can work together in several ways and often in a combination of these ways

    • One-on-one in-person sessions.

    • Group skills training classes

    • On-site consultations at practices or competitions

    • Zoom/Phone meetings

    • Web-based seminars or workshops

    • Work via email, workbooks, or other exercises

    *Please note in-person services are on hold right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic; all coaching sessions will be done remotely until further notice

    Service Fees

    Mental and Emotion Skills Service Fees

    • Initial Consultation over phone (15-25minutes) - FREE

    • Initial Assessment and Service Planning Meeting (60 minutes) - $100.00

    • Individual coaching sessions - $100/hour

      • Multi-session package discount - purchase 5 sessions for $400; 10 sessions for $700

    • Group Skills Training sessions/classes - $25.00/session

    • Consultations for teams, athletic programs, or other organizations - Free consultation, $100/hour for services, travel compensation may be required

    • Seminars and Workshops - Free consultation, fees will be determined based on seminar/workshop needs

    Please reach out if you have any questions about the types of services I offer or their format. I am happy to work with you on creating a payment plan that works for you and I can make adjustments on a sliding-scale basis for some cases.



  • Personalized Fitness and Running Coaching

    What it looks like

    • Individual coaching can include custom plans for running, strength-training, nutrition, or a combination. Depending on the level of coaching you decide is best for you, you will have regular weekly to monthly check-ins with me - either in-person or Zoom/phone - as well as, written feedback and ongoing plan adjustment.

    • I offer different levels of coaching so you're able to select the best-type of coaching plan that fits your needs right now. Every athlete is different, and may benefit from more or less coaching than others. I can create training plans for 5k to the marathon distance and for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. Each plan is personalized for you based on your running history, personal goals, and current barriers/motivators.


    Athletic Coaching Fees

    • Initial Consultation are always FREE for all services

    • On-going individual coaching in running, strength-training, or nutrition - $150/month

    • Combination coaching - individual coaching that includes coaching in two or more of the following: mental and emotional skills, runner's training plans, strength training, and sports nutrition; Monthly fee is determined by the number of coaching areas and athletes needs, may be between $300.00 - $500.00/month

    • One-time sessions/consultations in endurance running, strength training, or nutrition: $50/session

    • Individualized 12-week training plan in running, strength training, nutrition, or a combination of the three with no ongoing coaching: $50-150/plan

  • Levels of Coaching


    $50-75 one time fee

    This program is set up for the independent athlete who wants an individualized training plan but is not looking for one-on-one communication at this time and includes the following benefits:

    • Initial fitness and goals evaluation

    • A personalized 12-20 week training plan for desired distance/race

    • General Strength Training and nutrition routines



    The Guided coaching plan is designed for the athlete that wants a personal coach/athlete relationship with some guidance and regular communication. This level includes the following perks:

    • Initial fitness and goals evaluation

    • A personalized 12-20 week training plan for desired distance/race

    • Communication with your coach via text, fitness app, and email + monthly calls, if desired

    • Schedule adjustments

    • General Strength Training and nutrition routines

    • Goal setting and race strategy/analysis



    This level provides the highest level of support with my most complete package to help you achieve your goals and reach the next level of your fitness. It includes the following benefits:

    • Initial fitness and goals evaluation

    • A personalized 12-20 week training plan for desired distance/race

    • Unlimited communication with your coach via email, text, call, and messaging

    • Unlimited schedule adjustments

    • General Strength Training and nutrition routines

    • Goal setting and race strategy/analysis

    • Monthly Coach extended chat

    • Choice of:

      • Custom Nutrition plan and fueling strategies

      • Custom Strength Training Plan to compliment running plan

      • Both available for +$100/month